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Our Story

Nearly ten years ago, Desi Nikolova left her homeland of Bulgaria and moved to the United States with high hopes. What began as an idyllic journey ended in disappointment, the result of which she calls “a sad love story.” Rather than wallowing in self-pity and heartbreak, Desi chose to channel her passion into serving others. In 2011, she launched Desy’s Grill & Bar in Morrisville.

What began as a way to bring the love of Desi’s own grandmother’s hospitality and love of cooking to her new life in America has grown into a thriving hot-spot for locals. They keep coming back to enjoy the taste of their favorite food and drinks with a hint of the flavors of the old world on their plates and in their glasses.

Desy’s Grill & Bar team is ready to welcome you to their sports bar, with drink specials and fun. When there are no games to cheer for, we offer Karaoke, and Open Mic Nights. If you are not comfortable grabbing the mic, you can rack up the balls to get your own game of pool going.

Desy’s Grill & Bar delivers the ideal atmosphere for sports fans to watch the game while experiencing flavors from their traditional pub style menu. The food matches the sports bar scene, and the patrons make it a total package.

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Desi Nikolova


Desi Nikolova came to the U.S. from Bulgaria over a decade ago. “I make food like my mother and grandmother made it. The secret of my food is keeping it simple and using fresh ingredients.”

She has successfully built two restaurants, Desy’s, in Morrisville which has been open for 10 years, and Sophie’s which has been open for 2 years.